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Elgar ReFlex Power AC Power Module : Specifications
AC Power Modules General Specifications
Current, Maximum 140V Range 7A, not to exceed 875 VA, Overload 10A
for 0.5 Seconds
Current, Maximum 280V Range 3.5A, not to exceed 875 VA, Overload 5A
for 0.5 Seconds
Frequency 45-1200 Hz, up to 5 kHz optional
Crest Factor 4.8 X FS rms current
Load Regulation 100% Resistive Load effect (<100 msec)
Voltage Mode 0.5% of FS
Current Mode 0.1% of FS
Line Regulation 10% Line effect (< 100ms)
Voltage Mode 0.1% of FS
Current Mode 0.1% of FS
Programming Accuracy Voltage 0.1% of FS + .2%/kHz
Current +/-(0.5% + 0.75%/kHz) of full-scale
Frequency 0.01% of setpoint
Programming Resolution Voltage 0-140VAC 9mV, 0-280 18mV
Current 2.2mA
Frequency 0.1Hz thru 1kHz; 0.5Hz thru 5KHz
Temperature coefficient Voltage .05% of FS per °C
Current .05% of FS per °C
Distortion <1% to 500Hz
<2% to 2KHz
<5% to 5KHz
Output DC Offset ±0.1Vdc maximum
Efficiency 72%
RMS Noise 55dB below full-scale Input (via RFP Mainframe)
Inrush Current 8.8A at 115Vac; 17.6A at 230Vac
14.6A at 270Vdc
Power Factor 0.95 typical
Hold-up time 10ms
Remote Sense 0.75Vrms per line Input
Overvoltage Protection Range: 1.4% to 110%
Accuracy: 2% of setpoint
Overcurrent Protection Range: 0.4% to 106%
Accuracy: 3% of setpoint
Auxiliary AC Output Isolated 0Vac to 31.6Vac, 2A max proportional to AC
Cooling Forced air convection, req. 40CFM airflow at
altitude and ambient temperature
Multi phase & parallel Up to 6 in a group
Phase Programming Range 0-360 degree; counterclockwise phasor rotation is
assumed, therefore the phase angle offset is lagging
the master reference.
Phase Programming Accuracy 1 degree plus 1°C/kHz for balanced resistive load
measured with respect to A-phase, at 25 degree C,
+/- 5 degree.
Remote programming
9-pin D-sub
Output connector Combination signal/power contact subminiature D
(Mating connector kit available)
Physical 3 RFP™ slots wide
4.2” (106.7mm) W
6.75” (171.5mm) H
15” (381 mm
Weight 13 lbs (5.9 Kilograms)
All specifications: 25°±5°C.
All specifications are subject to change