Đồng hồ kim Sanwa AP33

Model: Liên hệ

Giá: 700.000đ

Có sẵn: call

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024 62.510. 510
Mr. Tuân 0977. 708. 790
Sale - Mr. Hiếu 0988. 293. 262

Made in Taiwan


Function Measuring range Tolerance
DCV 10/50/250/500V(2kΩ/V) ±5% of full scale
ACV 50/250/500V(2kΩ/V) ±5% of full scale
Battery check 1.5V/9V ̶
DCA 25m/250mA ±5% of full scale
Resistance 10k/1MΩ ±3% of arc
Frequency characteristic AC50V range or lower 40Hz to 10kHz: frequency response within ±3%
Battery R03(AAA battery)×1
Built-in fuse F0301 Φ5x20mm 0.5A/250V 300A Glass fuse
Size/Mass H126×W87×D30mm/Approx. 185g
Test lead length/Pin tip Approx. 0.6m/13mm

※The value in ( )at DCV and ACV is input resistance