Tải điện tử DC GWinstek AEL-5000 AC/DC (350V/18.75A/1875W ~ 480V/28A/3750W)

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  • CC, Linear CC, CR, CV, CP and AC Rectifier Load Mode
  • Frequency Range : DC, 40~440Hz
  • Turbo Mode for 2 Times the Current and Power of Electronic Load within 1 Second
  • Three Units Parallel up to 90kW and Three-phase △ or Y Load Connection Can be Synchronized Control by One Master Unit
  • Loading and Unloading Angle Control; 0~359 Degree is Settable
  • Positive Half-cycle or Negative Half-cycle Loading
  • Supports SCR/TRIAC Current Phase Modulation Waveforms,90 Degree Trailing Edge and Leading Edge
  • Optional Interface : GPIB、RS232、USB、LAN